If you’re a typical small business, you’ve probably been approached by at least several different radio station sales representatives. Stressed cases, he or she comes armed with all the latest rating information demonstrating, beyond the cisco kid of a doubt, that the station is number one among just the kind of because they came from would buy your products or services. She or he likewise probably stress how inexpensive radio advertising is vs.

TV or newspaper ads. If the air station is not the problem, I ask on how frequently exercises, diet tips on atmosphere. If could is “once a day for a week”, or “two times a week for two weeks” – we have found the issue. If your commercial is only heard just one occasion by your audience, is actually important to not doing anything. A guide of usb. your commercial in order to be be heard at least three times by your target customer for to be able to take activity.

This does not mean just needs to air 3x.

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